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I am a Project Management professional with over 18 years’ experience in the Telecommunications industry. Kwaku Frimpong Adu was born in Ghana, schooled in Ghana and Norway, worked in various roles in several African countries, traveled extensively in Africa, Middle-East, and Europe and currently living and working in Ireland.kwaku2 About Me

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If you want to know about me professionally, Linkedin is your best bet. You’ll have everything about the places I have worked formally and continue to work. You can find out some more about my friends and family on my Facebook page. Until I decided to have my own website, I did not have a Twitter account. I just created one hurriedly because some of you will probably be looking for me there.


On this website, I will be concentrating on writing. Not just writing anything, but writing about the things I love. So what are the things I love? First is God; that is why I have a whole website (http://www.biblestudysystems.com) for studying the Bible so I will not talk much about that on this site. Second is Technology, which is an area I have been working in, in my 18 years professional life. Ten of those 18 years’ experience in the Telecom industry involved Project management and delivering projects in several countries. Most of my writing is mainly about Technology in general and occasionally about things I do in my spare time.


There are many things that I do in my spare time. I read profusely. I am a serial blogger, writer, and Content Marketer. I enjoy Social media and sharing messages on Whatsapp. I play Badminton, Scrabble, and Chess and love watching athletics, competitive tennis, soccer, and basketball.

My Philosophy

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Strive for excellence all the time.

Don't waste time. Life is short.

Have fun, do good, and Love God.

That is it. You know all about Kwaku Frimpong Adu if you have followed the links above. Please feel free to contact me at kwaku@kwakuadu.com 

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